2016 Lineup

Wayne Singleton

Wayne has played with numerous bands over the years including, Keith Frank, Geno Delafosse, Zydeco Force, Chris Ardoin and Step Rideau.

In 2005 Wayne formed his own band Lil’ Wayne & Same Ol’ 2 Step. In the following years Wayne and his band performed at many festivals and trail rides across Texas & Louisiana, playing mainly for a younger audience who preferred to hear the increasingly popular ‘new’ style Zydeco sound.

In 2008 Wayne felt a strong desire to go back to his roots and play more traditional Zydeco music. Wayne had developed a close friendship with old school Zydeco musicians, the late Roy Carrier and Robbie Robinson of the legendary band Zydeco Force. Wayne felt that he owed it to these inspirational musicians to continue their legacy and to strive to keep traditional Zydeco music alive and thriving, and not be consumed by the more modern Zydeco sounds.

Wayne has travelled extensively with his infectious style of Zydeco, including several trips to Europe. He is a highly respected, all round multi-instrumentalist and Accordion maestro! Wayne Singleton brings the very best of Louisiana Zydeco dance music to the Big Weekend this Summer!

Harold Guillory

When we talk about Zydeco royalty, the Ardoin family name is probably the most revered. As the nephew of the legendary Alphonse ‘Bois Sec’ Ardoin, Harold Guillory takes his seat at the top table.

Back in 2000 Harold started his own television show ‘Louisiana Zydeco Live’. Prior to that he became a popular and well known musician playing rubboard in his cousin Chris Ardoin’s band Double Clutchin.

Harold has travelled the world playing Zydeco music and teaching dance lessons, visiting such places as Japan, the UK and Europe; as well as many states in the US.

When people speak of the best Zydeco dancer, instructor and rubboard player, no one compares to the iconic Harold Guillory!

Lisa Trahan

Lisa was raised in Scott, Louisiana and comes from a long history of French culture and music. Her father, Harry Trahan, played for many years in the dance halls of Louisiana and Texas, and often played at home for the family.

Other musical members of the family include Harry’s brother, Willie T., a great swamp-pop saxophonist and singer; and Bixy Guidry, Lisa’s great-grandmother’s brother, who recorded Cajun music in the 1920’s.

Lisa is a member of the 2-time, Grammy nominated, group the Magnolia Sisters. She currently resides in a historic home in Grand Coteau, Louisiana, with her daughter, Renée.

‘The Savoy Kitchen’

Louisiana born and bred, Sarah Savoy is the daughter of Marc and Ann Savoy, and sister to Joel, Wilson and Gabrielle Savoy, arguably one of the most musically talented and well known names in the Cajun tradition!

Now living and working in Paris Sarah is a musician in here own right. A powerful Guitarist and singer first and foremost, but in recent years Sarah has become an accomplished and firey Accordion player, to be seen often rocking out with her own band Sarah Savoy & the Hellraising Hayride.

As well as her love of her Cajun Culture and music, Sarah also has a passion for cooking and specialises in the art of Cajun & Creole cuisine, she has also written a book on the subject entitled ‘The Savoy Kitchen: A Family History of Cajun Food’.

Sarah is currently head chef in a Parisian Restaurant, she also presents Cajun cookery demonstrations at festivals and events across Europe, Sarah is a very highly respected authority on the subject, and a much sought after Cajun chef!

We are delighted once again to welcome Sarah back to the Big Weekend for this her 4th year! Providing the very best Cajun & Creole cuisine this side of the Gulf of Mexico!

Helping out in the Savoy Kitchen this year will be fabulous French Cajun musician David Roland, and Louisiana star Lisa Trahan!

Also watch out for this team of musical chefs to break out with a song or tune at any moment! This tradition of music in the kitchen is the sauce in which Cajun culture continues to simmer in Louisiana and around the world.”

The Flatville Aces

The Flatville Aces play traditional Cajun music from south-west Louisiana, a potent mix of fiddle and accordion, French singing and infectious dance rhythms, and feature their strongest line-up to date.

Accordionist Gavin Lewery is admired as one of the finest exponents of the music outside Louisiana. He also fronts the highly regarded Zydeco Diamonds and his compositions have been recorded by several Louisiana musicians.

Fiddler and founder member Jock Tyldesley has played and toured at home and abroad with such US greats as Balfa Toujours and Sheryl Cormier, the “Queen of Cajun Music” as well as accompanying the late, legendary Eddie Lejeune on his last three UK tours.

Andrew Tyldesley provides the strong, rolling rhythm guitar back-up honed to perfection by touring with Eddie Lejeune and Sheryl Cormier.

Bass player and part-time fiddler Vera van Heeringen has also toured with Eddie Lejeune. The Flatville Aces are one of the few bands to feature the smooth, soaring twin fiddle sound.

Andy Watson completes the line-up on drums and percussion, a master of the Louisiana style and the drummer most called upon by UK and US bands to play Cajun and Zydeco music.

Come along and bring your dancing shoes!

The Bearcats

The Bearcat gang are believed to now consist of three well known players. A guitar carrier known as Murray ‘The Hammer’ Brailsford, a fiddle toter known as Mitch ‘Masher’ Proctor and ringleader Chris ‘The Squeezer’ Hall who is generally carrying unlicenced accordions. All three are tooled up and dangerous and not to be approached by members of the public.

They are all well known on the Cajun music scene as hardcore senior ranked lifers. Recent substantiated reports have come to our attention of their presence, after laying low, at Cajun gatherings as far apart as London, Bristol and Derby and it is now common knowledge they are planning a major job at the Shropshire Festival. Our intelligence has backed this up as we continue to monitor their emails, texts and facebook posts.

They play traditional Cajun. They know many waltzes and 2 steps and are not afraid to use them. They have even been known to resort to down home Louisiana blues and the odd back porch zydeco. Again do not approach these men or attempt to take their instruments as it will not end well for you! We will be watching them closely at the North Shropshire Big Weekend, but cannot guarantee your individual safety.

Joe Le Taxi

Twenty seven years on the road and still rocking out the Zydeco.

Featuring Joe, himself on the old accordion plus the fiery playing of Sioned Camlin on the steel vest scrub-board. Kev Torne (guitar) and Clovis Phillips (bass) keep it real, while drummer Barry Jones lays out that funky Zydeco groove. Joe Le Taxi play a mix of lively raw Zydeco dance music, authentic Creole blues, sleazy shuffles and old-school Cajun waltzes mostly sung in Shropshire French!

Website: www.joeletaxi.net

The Rip Roaring Success

The Rip Roaring Success are the hottest Western Swing Band East of El Paso; featuring Wild Lucy Williams on double bass, the inimitable Nicole J. Terry on smokin’ hot fiddle and the token gent, the one and only Russ Williams on six strings of flamin’ geetar and hillbilly vox.

Folk at venues and festivals up and down the country will testify that when you want the prairie set on fire with jumpin’ ho-down tunes then there ain’t no success like a rip roarin’ one.

Jock Tyldesley and Vera Van Heeringen

Cuttin’ up in original house dance style, Jock and Vera play twin fiddle breakdowns from the time before the accordion, waltzes and two steps learned from the Balfa family; and old Creole tunes seldom heard these days. Old music with fresh feeling!



The Rosellys

“The Rosellys capture the essence of country, with folk ingredients baked into a transatlantic roots fusion” – R2 4/5 Stars

“The Rosellys make no apology for their love of Americana. Musically, they blend English accents with lyrical references to both the UK and US to create a sound that walks the fine line between Celtic folk and Americana” – Nashville Over Here

In 2015 The Rosellys signed to Clubhouse Records (Redlands Palomino Co, Cale Tyson, Don Gallardo) and released their first full band album ‘The Granary Sessions’, gathering praise from musicians, critics and audiences alike. They have toured extensively across the UK, Australia and America – notably the Southern States where San Antonio (Texas) has become their second home. Influenced by artists such as Emmylou Harris, Gram Parsons, Alison Krauss, Chris Stapleton, Gillian Welch and Dave Rawlings, it is clear The Rosellys have an absolute love for Americana music.

“Blending good time country vibes with bluegrass and Cajun traditions even as a duo they are mesmerising, two guitars and two voices blending perfectly and playing around and between each other.”

Joli Blon

They made their Big Weekend debut in 2014 and we’ve got them back again, with a big band line-up to warm up the afternoon crowds before the Saturday night headliners.

Fliss Premru (fiddle) Lucy Vines (accordion) and Miriam Hogan (guitar) are joined by Loraine Baker Wakefield (double bass) and Bob Barrett (drums).

Watch as the big band put a spring in your dance steps with their traditional Cajun repertoire of two-steps, waltzes and a bit of blues!



‘Bakerfield’ are an acoustic duo from Staffordshire, formed in 2010 after spending many years paying their dues in various musical fields.

Loraine Baker (Vocals, Double Bass, Guitar) has forged a career as a formidable Double Bass player, in bands such as ‘The Bluebirds Cajun Band’, ‘Baker’s Fabulous Boys’ Bluegrass band , ‘Hackney Ramblers’ Cajun band, ‘Chank a Chank’ Cajun band, ‘The Southgators’ and ‘Shake the Roots’.

She has also earned a reputation as a fine vocalist with a singular voice that commands the attention of audiences everywhere, and she plays acoustic guitar to supplement the dynamic sound of this duo.

As well as recording with her own bands Loraine has also appeared on CD’s of other artists, most recently Folk artist Brian Peters’ Cd’s ‘Songs of Trial and Triumph’and ‘Gritstone Serenade’.

Pete Wakefield (Vocals, Guitar, Mandolin, Harmonica) was, for several years, a member of Bob Dylan tribute band ‘With Bob on Our Side’ and is currently Lead Vocalist and Guitarist with ‘Shake the Roots’.

A large chunk of ‘Bakerfield’s’ material consists of Pete’s original work, his song writing covering just about all areas from the surreal ‘Don’t Move, There’s a Penguin in the Bed’ to the topical ‘The Man on the Street Died Today’ to the touchingly confessional ‘Boy in the Bubble’.

Also included in their repertoire are songs from American Folk artists including Steve Earle, Guy Clark, Bob Dylan, Mark Erelli and Chuck Brodsky.

‘Bakerfield’ have quickly become known as an extremely entertaining duo, having their audiences reeling with laughter one minute and moved to tears the next; why not come along to their next gig; you won’t be disappointed!

The Swamp Rock DJ’s

Nigel Bewley (aka “Flying Home”) has been DJ-ing since 1972 and was bitten by Zydeco music in 1986 when hanging around the offices and studios of Island Records he met Buckwheat Zydeco, the label’s new signing. Nigel has a huge record collection of many different styles and when DJ-ing likes nothing better to make people dance to tunes he loves. Laissez les bons temps roulez – vous avez raison!

Carole Lateman (aka “Lil’ Queenie”) has always been a passionate fan of music and dance. In 1988, on her first visit to New Orleans, she discovered the exciting rhythms of Cajun and Zydeco music and dance. In 2004, together with Neil Papworth, she started London’s Swamp Rock Club, putting on regular dances with live Zydeco bands, and also DJ-ing with her husband, Nigel. Together, they have run stages at The Thames Festival, promoted gigs at The 100 Club and other London venues, and DJ-ed at numerous dances and private parties. As a dancer, she knows what music to play to get that dance floor jumping!

Musical boat trips

Aboard the Lady Katherine whilst being serenaded by the amazing Bakerfield!

A unique opportunity to take a cruise on the stunning Mere at Ellesmere aboard the beautiful lake cruiser Lady Katherine, with songs, tunes and stories from the fabulous Bakerfield!

Trips will run on Saturday and Sunday mornings between 10am and midday.The boat can only carry a maximum of 12 passengers per trip so pre booking is advised! You can do this by choosing your preferred time from the timetable below and email us with your time, name and how many people etc.

The musical boat trip will take 40 minutes, the cost is £7 per person, paid in cash on arrival to the boat. The trips leave from the jetty behind the Boathouse Restaurant at the Mere, Ellesmere.


Saturday morning
10:00 to 10:40
10:40 to 11:20
11:20 to 12:00

Sunday morning
10:00 to 10:40
10:40 to 11:20
11:20 to 12:00

For booking please email: northshropshirecajun@hotmail.co.uk